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Classic cup on Sunday

2014-05-26 19:49:00 by se.gif Ake Vader

On Sunday the 1st of June there will be a classic cup open for everyone played during the evening.

If you'd like to participate in the tournament then please head on over to the tournament page for more information.

Rookie Classic Cup #2 on Sunday

2013-11-11 14:59:00 by se.gif Ake Vader

There will be another instance of the Rookie Classic Cup on Sunday 2013-11-17 19:00CET.

More details can be found on the Rookie Classic Cup #2 site

Rookie Classic Cup on Sunday

2013-11-05 20:00:00 by se.gif Ake Vader

Welcome to the (yet again) rebooted Refragged which this time will be host to, hopefully, many tournaments in the future! To kick things off we start with a one-day rookie cup on Sunday.

In an attempt to fill the gap that is left over where new players can't really compete with the seasoned veterans in tournaments, i present to you the first 1on1 tournament here on Refragged. This is not only the premiere of the tournament itself, but also of the new tournament system I've developed for a too long time.

Basically it works like the Duelmania website, i.e. you create a user on the website and this user is used for all the future tournaments on the site. What i also have had in mind during development is support for team tournaments in the future. Hopefully this will make it possible for admins who want to host tournaments to be able to do just that, rather than having to rely on other people to sort out technical issues like hosting etc for them.

However, now i want to take it for a test run, so let your rookie friends know about the first rookie Sunday cup!

Head on over to the Refragged Classic Cup #1

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